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Children in Need Sponsored Dance

On the afternoon of Wednesday 11th November we held a sponsored dance in the school hall. The aim was to have continual dancing all afternoon and for children to collect sponsor money for completing the challenge. We had a great time raising money for this wonderful cause! Have a look at our pictures below:

IMG_4025 IMG_4027 IMG_3994 IMG_3995 IMG_3996 IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_3999 IMG_4000 IMG_4001 IMG_4002 IMG_4003 IMG_4004 IMG_4005 IMG_4006 IMG_4007 IMG_4010 IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4016 IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4019 IMG_4021 IMG_4023 IMG_4024

Please bring your sponsor money into the school office as soon as possible and thank you very much for your support!