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School Council Representatives


We encourage our children to take an active part in our school. Two children from each class from Year 1 upwards meet with the Deputy Headteacher half-termly to discuss matters of importance in the school. The aim of the school council is to improve the quality of provision for all children. Over the last couple of years the school council requested new playtime equipment; they took ownership of the project costing and ordering play equipment. To complete this exciting venture they also led school worship, introducing the new items and rules for playtimes.

Why run for School Council?

  • You can represent your class
  • You can ensure that the pupils of Ellel St. John’s get their voice heard
  • You can be part of a team that makes changes happen
  • You will get to spend time with pupils from other year groups and classes
  • You could take part in visits and fund raising activities

What am I committing myself to?

  • Speaking in front of your class and/or presenting a poster about why you would make a good Councillor
  • Running a Class Council Meeting regularly
  • Attending and contributing to a lunchtime School Council Meeting every three weeks

If you are elected for School Council, you are committing yourself to taking on a very important and responsible role. Only nominate yourself if you are willing to commit for the whole year.